Executive Level Involvement


     From the start of the project until the end, and with every decision in between, our Principals -  Rebecca Jones and Bernard Holnaider are at the core of the design process.



Stunning Design

We believe function is at the core of design, and this dictates our sophisticated aesthetic. Our iterative project design process drives us to deliver visually stunning yet operationally viable results, regardless of scope or budget.



Strategic Partnerships

Treating each client as a partner, the executives of our creative firm collaborate closely with you to create extraordinary interiors and architecture that achieve your long-term business goals. Client projects don't happen in isolation. We truly care and value your strategic partnership.


Profitable Solutions


In addition to being word-of-mouth worthy, our designs intentionally provide profitable, long-term design solutions. Our clients benefit from the most competitive purchasing costs in the industry with direct supplies in furniture, fixtures and equipment through our Becwood Purchasing procurement partnership. 



Long-Term Value

Our service extends long after installation. Each client receives gold-standard documentation, with meticulous and thorough attention to detail that has positioned us amongst some of the best firms in the industry. This serves as a valuable business tool to carry each client’s vision into the future.